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What is TA Earth?

TA Earth series explores our connections with our home planet and the world around us. It is inspired by Hayley Marshall and Giles Barrow’s pioneering work, Eco TA, moving ‘toward an ecological understanding of the individual embedded in relationship with others and the wider natural world’. Hayley and Giles are running an introductory workshop ‘Working in the Field: An Online Introduction to Eco-TA’ during October, November and December. Click here for more information.

We are also delighted to have Rose Rylands, the Whitby Storyteller, as our Storyteller in Residence. Meeting on one of her ghost walks of Robin Hoods Bay on the North Yorkshire Coast a couple of years’ ago, we loved her passion for storytelling and reconnecting with the earth.

Rose is running the following workshops over the coming months. Her workshops are a combination of stories, our relationship with others, our home planet, and the world around us.

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm with Rose Rylands

Sat 20 March 1 – 4pm

The aim of this workshop is to explore a wider use of the senses and creativity. We will be using remembering and re-enchantment, tapping directly into mind of Earth, learning how to listen to what the plant world is telling us, and opening perception.

This workshop starts with a talk – followed by a series of experiential activities in small groups using music, writing, art and plants as tools for reclaiming a feeling sense, for reclaiming the invisible and entering into real relationship with everything in Nature as intelligent.

This workshop is for practitioners or anyone seeking a wider use of the senses and creative ways of connecting with nature and imagination.

Storytelling: Connecting head, heart, earth and hearth with Rose Rylands

Sat 17 April 2021 1 – 4pm

We will be sharing stories around the fireside, myth, folklore and fairy tale. Stories we can share together, stories we tell ourselves, collective stories, stories that connect us with soul and earth. We will be looking at performance and how to connect with an audience, finding stories and choosing the right tale.

This workshop will help you become a custodian of stories from your own landscapes. Recognising that place is in us as much as we are in place. Being true to the craft, working outside, walking the stories. Connecting earth and story to awe and wonder. Re- enchantment through storytelling.

We will be exploring some key themes in story: Earth, myth, the elemental world, the symbolic, archetypal and ecstatic. Culture as informed by landscape and myth. Awakening to earth and imagination, defending our right to be storytellers not of the technological but of the mythic mind. The difference between story and myth, folklore and the shamanic.

Re enchanting and reclaiming the wild part of psyche.

The workshop will consist of a talk by Rose – followed by ideas and prompts for small group storytelling. We will be bringing the stories back to the group as a whole.

This workshop is helpful for anyone wishing to challenge the stories we tell ourselves, the stories we are taught to believe, how history has censored our relationship with our own magical selves and the magic in nature. How to recalibrate relationship with wherever you happen to be. Relationship and connection with landscape as a symbiosis of healing.

Spiritual Ecology with Rose Rylands

Tues 15 June 2021 1 – 4pm

The content of this workshop will cover – reclaiming the spiritual wisdom and reverence for the spirit in all things. Divinity in the world around us and in ourselves. The holy road from the sacred groves to the human soul and back into the Earth, Circles and cycles, ritual and service. The Anima Mundi, soul of the world. Oneness. Entering the inner worlds through mythic doorways. Right use of magic.

We will be looking at our individual responsibility for our own journey and how, together, we hold a responsibility for the soul of the world and for the generations to come.

We will also be considering – loss, erasure and forgetting, banishment and systematic historical censorship; disentanglement from patriarchal principles and what it means to return to the feminine; receptivity, listening and interbeing. Healing the fracture, reclamation. True worship. A return to joy in simplicity. Finding truth. Simple practices for spiritual ecology. Living in presence and standing on holy ground. Spiritual wisdom from the Celtic world.

The workshop will include discussion and experiential practice in small groups.

This workshop approaches the essential need of our times – to view the world through the lens of the sacred nature of everything. Rose hopes participants will gain a felt experience of the magic and aliveness of all things and being part of, as opposed to separate from, a sacred web of life.

Loss of Language with Rose Rylands

Tues 5 October 1 – 4pm

Re-enchanting our vocabulary, expanding code and consciousness.
This workshop is aimed at anyone who wishes to enter into a discourse about erasure of language in relation to the living world and our fellow creatures, to reclaim expansive descriptive ability, focussing on ecology, imagination and re envisioning.
The language and terms we have come to use, simplification or dullness of description, have made the world appear like a colouring-in book that contains only outlines in black and white. A blandscape of language.

How are the workshops delivered?

Workshops are delivered online via Zoom at the current time. We limit the number places on the workshops to make sure every attendee gets the most out of the course. Our small group sizes mean you get lots of time for discussion with others, individual feedback and personal reflection.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements for these workshops. They are open to all.

About the trainer

Rose is a storyteller and walking guide based where she grew up on the East Coast at Whitby. Her mission is to connect people to the earth as a place of magic, mystery and meaning, to arrest ongoing harm to both ourselves and the natural world.

“My passion is to connect people with the earth as a place of mystery, meaning and magic through story. I suppose I am a sort of cultural custodian of my own small space and beloved bit of earth.”

Rose is also doing a series of blogs for us – including stories and storytelling. Go to the News tab on our main menu or click here. You can also sign up for our mailing list for future events.


Course cost:

£25 per ticket for each workshop


Rose Rylands

Entry Requirements:



Online via Zoom.




Attendance Certificate

This 10 weekend 1 year course is the next stage for those who have completed the TA101. It is a stand-alone course and is also the first year of our Clinical Training Programme.