We want to support you in developing your counselling and psychotherapy skills. You may be starting at the beginning of the journey or be an experienced practitioner wanting to add to their knowledge through CPD workshops.

Our training offering includes a range of ‘taster’ introductory short courses through to longer term psychotherapy training in Transactional Analysis. All our trainers are very experienced trainers, supervisors and therapists with their own practices.

Our short course programme includes our Evening Seminar series and 1 and 2 day courses and workshops. From ‘taster’ introductory courses through to CPD workshops for trainees and experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches and practitioners.

Just Starting Out

Do you want to enhance their current skills (both personally or for work)? Our short introductory level courses are perfect for this. Are you looking at counselling and/or psychotherapy as a potential career? Our introductory courses are an excellent starting point for the transition:

  • Introduction to Counselling Skills (12 hrs)
  • TA101 Introduction to Transactional Analysis (12 hrs)
  • Introduction to CBT (12 hrs)

These courses are currently online or face to face and include large and small group work and experiential learning.

Workshops are highly interactive and practical. In addition, we aim to make easy to apply ideas the a focus of sessions. We will also highlight ways to work in a supportive and positive learning environment.

You don’t need qualifications or experience to be able to join the introductory courses – just click on the link on the right to book your place.

CPD Workshops

If you are a trainee counsellor or therapist, you will be looking to expand your knowledge or skills. Our CPD workshop programme offers a range of topics and speakers from bite size online Evening Seminars to 1 or 2 day courses.

If you are a practitioner with some experience, you will be building an understanding of your developmental edges.  As you continue to work with clients you will want to expand your knowledge of how to work effectively. Intermediate level courses explore specific presentations and problems as well as look at other theoretical approaches. Above all, our workshops include practical ideas and ways to work in a supportive and positive learning environment.

Sessions incorporate large and small group work and experiential learning. Furthermore, we also offer useful resources to use in counselling and therapy sessions.

The range of workshops we offer for experienced counsellors or therapists include sessions on advanced theory. We also cover work with complex clients and presentations.  Sessions include large and small group work along with opportunities for case discussions and supervision.

Psychotherapy Training

TA Training Organisation is a leading training provider in TA Psychotherapy. We have the following longer term clinical training courses:

Advanced Training Group is an online group for those who have completed their formal training but need more hours before going on to Exam Prep.

Exam Preparation Group – a focus group for those working towards both written and oral CTA examination.

Events and course updates

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