The TA101: Introduction to Transactional Analysis

Course Information

Our TA101 Introduction to Transactional Analysis course is all about understanding yourself and others.

Recognised by UKATA and EATA, the course will introduce you to the theories of Transactional Analysis; a psychological model of personality and communication developed by Eric Berne for understanding how humans develop, behave, communicate and interact with each other. Once you understand how you behave in certain situations and why, you can then make your interactions with others more pleasant. TA is all about taking control and the idea that you have the power to make positive changes to your own life.

What does the course cover?

The course covers the basic theories of Transactional Analysis and, in doing so, provides the answers to common psychological questions, such as:

  • “Why do I act like my mum or dad? Or “Why do I feel like a little kid again?”  (Ego states)
  • “Do I sense the car crash coming in this conversation?” (Psychological games)
  • “Why do I keep on making the same mistakes?” (Life scripts)
  • “What is going on in this conversation?” (Transactions)

But that’s not all. View the official course content in full on the on the EATA website.

How long does the course take?

The course takes just 12 hours (2 days) to complete and is taught over one weekend meaning you can fit learning around your existing commitments.

We also offer TA101 Bitesize, delivered over 4 evenings 6 – 9pm.

How is the course delivered?

We limit the number places on the TA101 course to make sure every attendee gets the most out of the course. Our small group sizes mean you get personalised support from your tutors and lots of time for discussion with others, individual feedback and personal reflection. The TA101 course is practical and interactive, enabling you to put what you are learning straight into practice.

Where is the course taught?

Online courses are taught via Zoom platform. Our online training is interactive and we use a range of options for teaching including larger teaching groups and small group discussions.

With our face to face TA101 course, you won’t be stuck in a classroom staring at a whiteboard all weekend. We teach the course at the Mercure Leeds Parkway Hotel in North West Leeds – a warm, informal setting in beautiful parkland. It has plenty of parking and is on main bus routes from Leeds.

“Professional training organisation with an excellent and knowledgeable trainer in a warm and welcoming venue. Highly recommended.” BP, Ilkley

Who will be training me? 

You will have one of the following trainers on your course:

Andy Williams TSTA(P)

Andy is not only a very experienced TA trainer but, as a practicing psychotherapist, he still uses TA theory daily with his clients. With years of practical experience, you can be confident your trainer knows what he is  talking about. You can also be confident that his TA knowledge is as relevant and up-to-date as it gets.

Andy is the trainer on the July and October 2022 face to face courses.

Beren Aldridge PTSTA(P)

Beren Aldridge

Beren is a psychotherapist in private practice in Kendal. In addition, he works as a mental health trainer and consultant in local authorities, the NHS and businesses. Beren is one of the core trainers at TATO.

Beren is the trainer on the January 2022 online course

Bev Gibbons PTSTA(P)

Bev Gibbons

Bev is a PTSTA(P), has a BA in Integrative Counselling, and an MA in TA psychotherapy. She has many years of training experience. Bev has worked as a youth work trainer and policy developer. She now works as a psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer and is one of the core trainers at TATO.

Bev is the trainer for the October 2021 online course.

What are the entry requirements?

There are no entry requirements. Our TA101 course is open to all and everybody can understand its theories. You don’t have to be academic to enjoy our course; it is practical and designed to provide you with skills you can immediately apply to the world around you. As long as you have an interest in developing yourself and learning about human interactions, this course is for you.

What do I get from the course?

The TA101 Certificate is an internationally recognised qualification and is a pre-requisite for further training in Transactional Analysis.

What can I do after The TA101?

Want to know more? The TA101 is the first step on your journey to discover more about transactional analysis and how it can transform how you relate and communicate with others. The next stage is the Foundation Certificate in TA, a 1 year part-time course which is a stand alone course and also the year 1 of our Clinical Training Programme. Click on the link on the right to find out more about the Foundation Certificate.

Sample Course Content

Day 1: Concentrates on the individual and what the theory tells us about some of the ways that patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving develop.  Topics covered are:

  • What is Transactional Analysis and how did it develop?
  • Theory of Personality
  • Ego States
  • Transactions and communication
  • Motivation Theory, Strokes and Time Structuring.

Day 2:

  • Life Positions
  • Discounting
  • Life Script
  • Script Development
  • Racket feelings and the Racket system
  • Games
  • Social ways of Structuring Time

How will the TA101 course help me?

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Course cost:

£175 for the 2 days

Booking and Dates:

Click on the dates below to book tickets

16 & 17 July 2022

8 & 9 October 2022

25 & 26 February 2023


Andy Williams TSTA(P)

Beren Aldridge PTSTA(P)

Bev Gibbons PTSTA(P)

Entry Requirements:



Face to face courses take place in venues in North West Leeds

Online courses take place on Zoom. Our face to face courses take place in venues around North West Leeds.




TA101 Certificate


“A course that is informative and encourages reflection on self and practice. Brilliant learning environment. I will be signing up for more” LF, September 2017

“Excellent facilities. Andy is an engaging and responsive presenter, generous with his knowledge and experience. The training was informative, useful and fun.” Jenny S, Leeds

“The course is a fantastic and thought provoking introduction to TA. Trainer is fantastic, setting is great – very enjoyable experience” RC

“Excellent training, informative, interesting, fun and relevant. I really feel I’ve learned a lot.” MP

This 10 weekend 1 year course is the next stage for those who have completed the TA101. It is a stand-alone course and is also the first year of our Clinical Training Programme.

So, you’ve been interested in learning about TA for a long time and think a career helping others may be for you. Staying in your current job for the rest of your working life is not an option and you know you need a career change. But work and other commitments leave you with barely any time to devote to explore this new direction. Our TA101 course is the solution.

It takes just 12 hours to introduce you to the basics of TA and the course is taught over a weekend, meaning you won’t need to take time off work to attend. The course is a quick and fun way to find out if the new life you’ve been dreaming of is for you.

“Wonderful environment to unpack what TA can offer. Definitely whet my appetite for learning more. Great facilitation of group.” J Sanderson, September 2015
Ever wonder why you keep repeating the same unhelpful patterns with a partner or a friend? Or are you a parent wanting fresh ideas about how to deal with a difficult situation at home? Our TA101 course can help you to find new ways of resolving domestic conflicts.

The course will enable you to look at everyday problems in a new light by helping you to understand the reasons people behave in the way they do and why this leads to conflict. On completion of the course, you will be able to analyse your role in the conflict and take control of the situation to move towards the best solution.

The beauty of TA is that everybody can relate to its theories and apply them to their own lives – you don’t have to be a counsellor or aspiring psychotherapist to understand TA. The practical nature of our TA101 course means you can start to implement changes to your life immediately.

“Wonderful session, useful for both my business and future personal relationships. Thank you.” R Butler, September 2017
Are you a teacher, teaching assistant or SENCO wanting to improve the way you communicate with your students?
If behavioural issues are getting in the way of learning in your classroom, our TA101 course can help. The course will provide an insight into the reasons children behave in a certain way and allow you to analyse the way you respond to that behaviour. These insights can then help you determine which method of behavioural management is the best for each student, making working with them more pleasant for both parties. Your job will be made easier and your new way of relating will allow you to get on with what you do best: helping children learn.

Are you a social worker, youth worker or probation officer in need of fresh ideas to effectively support your clients?
Our TA101 course will give you further insight into why the people you are supporting behave in the way they do by looking at the motivations behind unhelpful or self-destructive patterns of behaviour. You will analyse the vital role you play in helping clients through difficult times and be inspired to think of new ways you can work with them to improve their lives. Understanding how to deal more effectively with people in challenging situations can enhance your job satisfaction as you will be content knowing you are providing the best possible guidance to your clients.

Are you a manager wanting to communicate with your team more effectively?
Understanding how you relate to others can help you to manage your team without being perceived as patronising or parental. Our TA101 course will provide you with new ways of dealing with tricky colleagues without resorting to childishness. You can prevent petty office squabbles by improving the way you communicate with your team and see a rise in team morale. A happy team is often a productive team so you will soon start to reap the rewards of your efforts in other areas of your business.

“I would highly recommend this course, in terms of both personal and professional development. One of the most beneficial courses I have attended.” LE, July 2017
Add another string to your counselling bow and value to your current practice by completing our 2-day introduction to TA. The principles we explore on the TA101 course will encourage you to look at clients in a new light, challenge your existing methods and offer you different ways to help and support your clients. The learning from the course can be implemented into your current practice immediately.

“This was a lovely, clear and well covered introduction to TA. Having trained and worked for over 6 years using this approach in my therapy work, I found this course very helpful. I'm leaving with new insight and skills to use in all areas of my life.” DS, September 2015