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Bev Gibbons shares more about her Spring Seminar on Stuckness

Bev’s Spring Seminar on 28th April is on the subject of ‘working relationally to transform and move out of stuckness’. She will be exploring stuckness and how we can use relationships to transform the situation.

The seminar takes place 6 – 7.30pm and is by donation. To book onto Bev’s Spring Seminar – use the button below.

I’m here to invite you to share something with me – which is the idea of stuckness. Stuckness is very powerful. I think that what can happen is that there can be a blankness, a sort of rigidity. Stuckness might manifest as a breaching of boundaries, or maybe feeling repelled or unsettled or invaded.

Jo Stuthridge is a writer within TA. Jo has a model of ‘being stuck in a faultline’. This is where something got interrupted back in time – maybe in the client’s early development, meaning that a part, or parts, is not integrated.

Jo Stuthridge says that when an internal faultline is externalised, relationships are prone to rupture. These ruptures can manifest as an Impasse.

As a therapist, what is my response to the experience of being, becoming someone for someone else? What do I then take back into the relationship
that may be contributing to the impasse?

In my view, being with, and hanging in is as much as a factor in dissolving an impasse as is de-coding.

My invitation to you is to think together with me about impasse and the use of countertransference – working relationally to transform and work out of stuckness.

Bev Gibbons PTSTA(P) is a core trainer at TA Training Organisation and teaches on the Clinical Training Programme.

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