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Transactional Analysis

Introduction to TAThe TA101 is the official introductory course in transactional analysis.  So, if you want to understand yourself, or your relationships better whether at home or at work the TA101 can often provide with insight and understanding through two days of interesting theory, discussions, and personal development exercises.

If you are thinking you might like to train as a counsellor the TA101 can be a good course to attend as it introduces you what it might be like to study a psychological model.  For existing counsellors the TA101 can be great CPD and provide new insights into clients and new and different effective ways of working

Whether you are in business or sales, the hotel trade, a teacher of children or adults, a mental health or social worker, working the in the prison service or in a hospital the TA101 can help with understanding self and relationships in new and useful ways.  It’s for anyone who wants to know more about themselves either for using on a personal basis or in a work setting.  You don’t need previous psychological knowledge or understanding as the course starts from the very beginning.

Eric Berne

Transactional Analysis was developed by Eric Berne in the 1950s and 1960s, he wrote 8 major books and numerous articles.  He was a trained medical doctor and psychiatrist and he wanted to make psychotherapy effective more quickly and more accessible for people.  He wanted to remove the distance between client or patient, and doctor as expert.  He encouraged people to engage with and use the theory for themselves. Because of this TA uses normal everyday language and is easily accessible and understood.

The course is dynamic mixture of formal teaching where the trainer will present an idea or concept from TA and lots of discussion in large and small groups as the delegates on the course apply it to themselves and their situations.

The syllabus is set internationally and covers the key ideas and concepts in TA in a short two day programme.  Those people who then want more can go on the study TA in-depth which begins with a one year introductory course and can lead to a post graduate Diploma and the Certificate in Transactional Analysis which is a worldwide qualification and is at Masters Level.

Lin teaches two TA101’s a year at TA training Organisation and she says “ I really like teaching this material, it’s a fabulous experience as a trainer to see people learning about TA for the first time and understanding themselves and their relationships with other people in ways they have not done so before.”

What people say about the TA101

“A very informative course and hadn’t realised how much it would benefit my own life” Annie J

An excellent course; incredibly informative, intense and enjoyable.  Lin Cheung’s knowledge and experience is enhanced by her warmth.  I learnt a huge amount of new knowledge to apply to my own life and my clients.  Most highly recommended.” CLH

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