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Russian dolls as child ego state
Continuing Professional Development

Getting to know the Child

Exploring the concept of Child ego state Nearly a week ago, on 10 March, I presented my winter evening seminar with TATO. My theme was

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learning community
Training Course News

Community. Learning..

New year, new group, new start Beren Aldridge and Bev Gibbons, our Foundation Certificate trainers, share their thoughts on the first training weekend of the

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Continuing Professional Development

Never Seen, Never Will

David Brooks is the inspiration for this week’s creativity exploration. Albert Durer (1471 – 1528) had never seen a Rhinoceros and drew this sketch in

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Creative Proposals

Proposals as invitations Welcome to the second piece on my journey to explore creativity. This week’s exercise is based on Peter Liversidge‘s work (p101 in

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What our trainees are saying…

What our trainees are saying…. Andy Williams ran an Introduction to Transactional Analysis TA101 course last weekend. It was a great weekend’s training and we’ve

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