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Return of Life and Hope

As Winter begins, in this season of Imbolc, to turn its face towards Spring, so our resident Storyteller, Rose Rylands looks outwards with hope. In this second of her blogs in the ‘Wheel of the Year‘ TA Earth series, Rose shares her love of this season.

If you have enjoyed this video blog ‘Return of Life and Hope from Rose, look out for her March video coming soon.

Rose is running a series of four workshops on the TA Earth theme coming up over the next few months. Click on the links below for more information.

Rose Rylands in life and hope

Rose Rylands is a Storyteller and walking guide based where she grew up on the East Coast at Whitby. Her mission is to connect people to the earth as a place of magic, mystery and meaning, to arrest ongoing harm to both ourselves and the natural world.

“My passion is to connect people with the earth as a place of mystery, meaning and magic through story. I suppose I am a sort of cultural custodian of my own small space and beloved bit of earth.”

The next video blog from Rose will be coming out mid-March.

Rose Rylands Workshops

TA Earth header life and hope

Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Realm, Sat 20 March 1 – 4pm

Storytelling: Connecting head, heart, earth and hearth, Sat 17 April 2021 1 – 4pm

Spiritual Ecology, Tues 15 June 2021 1 – 4pm

Loss of Language, Sat 10 July 1 – 4pm

What is TA Earth?

TA Earth header - hope

TA Earth series explores our connections with our home planet and the world around us. It is inspired by Hayley Marshall and Giles Barrow’s pioneering work, Eco TA. Moving ‘toward an ecological understanding of the individual embedded in relationship with others and the wider natural world’. 

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