Parenting Today: How much is enough?

Parenting Today: how much is enough?

Being a parent today is not simple. It is demanding. Unlike other jobs, being a parent isn’t a career choice where training comes first. Caring for a family doesn’t automatically come with a ‘how to’ manual. Many parents and carers struggle with working out what works best for their family, and also, for themselves.


We live in a world that encourages over-indulgence. Parents and carers who strive not to over-indulge may find it difficult to go across what is seen as normal and accepted. (Some may see it as being involved in an important counter-culture activity). Above all, those individuals have to be strong and need to be supported.

This series of 7 monthly workshops are hands-on and full of ideas that you can apply to your family situation. In addition, they include practical tools and wisdom to help you feel more confident in your role as parent. Furthermore, we will be looking at the importance of child development and, not forgetting, parental self- care. We will be covering the Developmental Highway, Test of 4, Frame of Reference, Developmental Affirmations and much more.

The workshops will help you gain a greater understanding of the developmental stages, joy and challenges of running a family, acquiring practical and transferable skills to deal with parenting today.

The workshops are based on the work of Jean Illsley- Clarke, Parent Educator and TSTA(E).

Workshops are from 7.15pm – 9.30pm on each date and costs £30 each. We are offering a multi-buy discount of 10% off the ticket price if you book all 7 workshops together.

About the trainer: Michelle Hyams-Ssekasi

Michelle is a Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Trainer, Social Worker & Certified Parent Workshop Facilitator.

She has a wide range of experience working with Children, Young People, Adults and Families in Greater Manchester and Lancashire. She is a core member of the TATO Training Team in Leeds. Moreover, it was her interest in parenting that ultimately led her to train in Educational TA in Minneapolis. This was followed by some time delivering parenting workshops in Washington State, USA and the UK. She is a Safeguarding Officer for UKATA and a Member of UKCP Child College Training & Assessment Board.

Michelle is UKCP & MBACP Registered. Her qualifications are MSc TA, PTSTA(P), CTA (P), DipSW.

Parenting Today Workshop details:

Workshop 1 – Is This Really Over indulgence?

20 May 2021

  • Our Frame of Reference
  • Parental Assessment Tool
  • Test of Four
  • What is a Developmental Stage?
  • Stages of Growth & Affirmations
  • Introduction to the Parenting Highway
  • Using Our Strengths.
  • Parent Power

Workshop 2 – Too Much?

  • Risk Factors
  • Suggestion Circle
  • A Cupful of Enough
  • Structure Highway
  • Your Child’s Developmental Highway
  • Parent Power – Pester Power – Saying NO

24 June 2021

Workshop 3 – Over-Nurture

  • Marketing
  • Over – Nurture or Coddling?
  • The Nurture Highway
  • Your Child’s Developmental Highway
  • Alternatives To Saying OK, OK?
  • Test of Four & Suggestion Circle
  • Parent Power – Keep Your Child Comfortable
  • Affirmations for Getting Needs Met

15 July 2021

Workshop 4 – Soft Structure: Wish They Had Done Jobs?

  • Marketing
  • Test of Four & Suggestion Circle
  • Soft Structure and Affirmations
  • Jobs – Pick up your socks!
  • Parent Power – The Gift of Jobs
  • About Rules
  • Monitoring Teenagers
  • Soft Structure Assessment
  • Review the Structure Highway
  • Negotiating Rules Needs and Wants
  • Your Child’s Developmental Highway

19 August 2021

Workshop 5 – Discounting, Everyone Is Doing It!

  • Social Media & Marketing – Share, Save, Spend.
  • Why Parents Overindulge
  • Denial and Discounting
  • Where Am I Vulnerable?
  • Resisting Discounts – Your Child’s Highway
  • Parent Power – It Doesn’t Do Any Harm
  • When Others Over Indulge Your Children

16 September 2021

Workshop 6 – Who Runs The Family?

  • Marketing – Beyond The Family
  • When Children Run The Family
  • The Highway – Putting It All Together
  • Discounting
  • Parent Power – Who Leads The Family?
  • Test of Four & Suggestion Circles

14 October 2021

Workshop 7 – Where Are You Now?

  • Suggestion Circles
  • Parent Power
  • Where Are The Changes And Challenges
  • Self – Care
  • Time for Celebration

18 November 2021

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